Get away from the stresses by massage techniques

Now a day’s due to advancement in technology people are undergoes stressful jobs and they don’t have time for relaxation which causes them severe problem both mentally and physically.  Many people’s do their routine work and don’t have any physical work always in front of computer which leads to lack of concentration and it finally leads to lose their job. We can’t reduce the work load of a person so he/she must undergo several relaxation program for refreshing his mind and body and there is natural way of relaxation is called massage. In ancient days massage is one of the healing methods in which have the records of 3000 years back. Due to the benefits of massages we are still using it today and it cures the following problems chronic diseases, back pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression etc. There are many types of massages available depending upon the problems of the people which are listed below.

  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Thai massage
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Swedish massage

There are so many massage experts available on the online who gives complete guidance user can do it by own before that you must be properly trained because if we done anything wrong which leads to serious risk. Scientists are still researching for the changes occur in the body during massage they don’t found out that so after massage everyone feels fresh and energetic and it also prevents bone related problems. Each massage is differing from others depending upon position of the body the massage will change only professionals can do that and the side effects of this massage is back pain, swelling and allergy.  Tracie bell is one of the massage therapy experts who teach the techniques of massage through online by video tutorials. The massages can be done in different positions of the body.

Back of the body

The massage starts from the back of the body using hands apply pressure slowly from upper part of shoulder to the lower in which pressure comes from the palms only  and also never apply give more pressure to the spinal cord which leads to air crack in the bone.


Lower Legs

The next part for the massage is lower legs we have to apply the stroke start from the bottom of the legs to the upper and our body must be moving along the hands. We can also do the arm strokes but it’s not necessary one.



When doing massage in arms make sure the pressure is even throughout the hands and the pressure travels from wrist to the shoulder. For the palm massage we have to start with low pressure and then increase it because it is the harder part.



The major part of the body which holds the whole weight of the body desperately requires massage in this we have to move the thumb in circular shape after that stretch and hold it for sometime by right hand underneath and left hand at the top.



The whole body stress falls on the neck when working with that you have to scooping the neck and you can stretch the neck also by hold on the shoulder.