Hair Foundations and their methods to remove Unwanted Hairs

Nowadays many women suffer a lot by the issue of unwanted hair growth in their personal body parts and there are some best ways to remove those unwanted hairs from their legs, underarms and in bikini areas by the method of waxing, shaving, threading also by the latest technologies and also by some depilatory creams. There are many hair foundation which works, to provide information regarding in all aspects of hair health which also includes hair loss and the diseases which are related to the hair.

Dr.Mac Avram therapist of the hair foundation describes some of the best hair removing techniques and this can be viewed in the above URL.


Hair removal techniques:

There are many methods for removing the hair, and not all those above techniques are safe and perfect one. Some of them have been followed for hundreds of years ago such as the shaving etc. and some of them being followed for last ten years.

The above method of hair removal techniques is not a permanent method. According to some people, the person who removes their unwanted hair by shaving method, then the hair growth will be induced more. Actually it is not the fact, the fact is the hair growth is faster and it grows thicker than the natural hair.

There are some recent technologies which includes other than the temporary methods. They are:

  • Laser Treatment.
  • Vaniqa cream.
  • Electrolysis.

Laser Treatment:

Laser treatment is the only permanent method which is used to remove the unwanted hairs. It works on the basis of absorbing the natural light in its wavelength and this intensity of light is being absorbed by the pigments that are in the hair follicles.

Sometimes it may also cause side effects like Sun tan or inflammation in the skin during the treatment which is caused due to the expose of more amount of light energy into the skin than the normal. This effect may even cause discoloration in the skin.

This treatment by using laser as a source may not suitable for certain kind of people because of their skin tone which causes inflammations in the skin and some kind of people escapes from these type of side effects.



It is another permanent method in which the unwanted hair is removed in a single sitting, were the other treatment requires multiple sitting. It permanently removes the hair by the         un-pigmented hair follicles.


Vaniqa Cream:

A person with Grey hair or blonde hair is not applicable for laser treatment because of the absence of the pigments in the hair follicles. To overcome this disadvantage Vaniqa a medically prescribed cream is used and applied to reduce the unwanted hair growth.

This Vaniqa cream must be used for a period of eight weeks and after experiencing  their benefit by this they can continue to use this product and about eighty percentage of people love to use this because of its benefits.

The most important point to be noted is that, this cream must be used continually until the hair growth is reduced and in case if the usage of the product is discontinued the growth may starts again.