Homemade Matte Nail Polish

Nail Polish is a hot trend in the world of fashion and women feel elegant and classy on coating nail polishes, unfortunately some brand of nail polishes are too expensive for certain class of women so they can’t afford that much cost and so they go for affordable brands. Nail polishes are generally lucid in nature and the durability depends upon the brands. Fortunately there are some simple homemade methods to change normal nail polishes into Matte Nail polishes.

Matte Nail Polishes:

Matte Nail Polishes gives simple and elegant look as the name “matte” defines that the polish which is completely devoid of shine and it rocks among the young generation as it overcomes the shiny nail polishes because of its elegant classy look and many brand products were available for this kind of matte polishes. The application of matte polish is quite different from the ordinary polishes as it requires a little work to set it.

How to make Homemade Matte Nail Polishes?

There are some simple methods to make homemade matte nail polishes. They are

  • Matte nail polishes by using Corn soda.
  • By using eye shadow.
  • Matte nail polishes by using baking soda.
  • Matte nail polishes by using steam.
  • By using matte topcoat.

By using Corn starch or baking soda:

Ingredients required to make our own matte nail polish are as follows:

  • Corn starch or Baking Soda
  • Clear polish
  • Stirrer
  • Cup


Steps to follow:

  • Paint your nail with clear bottom coat and allow it to dry.
  • Take Corn starch or Baking soda in a clean cup.
  • Stirrer the cornstarch along with the clear polish.
  • Apply the above mix over the bottom coat by using a clean brush as quickly as possible before it gets dried.
  • This nail polish will be thicker than the normal polishes but shouldn’t be too thick.

Thus, a matte finished nail polish is coated.

By using Eye shadow:

Ingredients required:

  • Any colored crushed eye shadow.
  • Clear polish.
  • Cup


Steps to follow:

  • Paint your nail with the bottom coat and allow it to dry.
  • Mix the crushed eye shadow along with the clear polish or with white colored polishes and stirrer it in a clean cup.
  • Apply it with a clean brush and let it to dry.

Women’s nature is that, they like to appear fashionable and to look attractive among the others, and by these kind polishes they look more attractive and classy by matching along with their outfits.

By using Steam:

Ingredients required:

  • Hot Water.
  • Pan
  • Regular colored polish for bottom coating.

Steps to follow:

  • Apply a regular colored polish and allow it and remember this bottom coating should not be too thick.
  • If any mistakes occur correct it with a nail polish remover before it dry.
  • Pour some water in a pan and make it to full boil and make sure that it produces lots of steam as it will create a good looking of matte finished coating.
  • Expose all parts of nails above the steam and move slightly for about 3-5 seconds.