How to be a picture perfect during the summer?

Now a day’s people are very much concerned about their skins they undergo so many treatment to protect their skin from pollution and sunlight. The sun is the only source of vitamin D which helps the skin cells to grow but it also increases the ultra-violet rays which leads to damage skin cells. Melanin is responsible for protecting skin from sun rays but due to UV rays it damages the presence of melanin content which causes damage to the skin and person looks age prematurely. This problem becomes most common thing during the summer in order to overcome this sun-cream was introduced by many popular companies to protect the skin from the sunlight. Many women’s doesn’t come out without the makeup they feel confident after apply a makeup they expect makeup to stay for at least 2 to 4 hours but during summer it doesn’t lasts for even an hour. So many skin experts are undergoes several researches to solve this problem but they can’t find out the better results and some may be succeeded but the users will get skin problems. The most of the people think that applying makeup will affect their skin it’s absolutely not makeup will protect the skin from pollution and will makes the customer to feel gorgeous in front of others. When comes to summer the skin experts suggest to use the sun-cream to protect their skin from sunlight also so many tips are available through online for better skin. Experts would have given tips about the step by step procedure to apply the makeup for the long lasting experience but many of them are not following it which causes them to lose makeup within an hour. The makeup procedure will be changing from winter to summer so that user understand that before going for it and must have proper knowledge about it. Amanda Bell who is pixi international makeup artist explains about how to keep lashes, eyebrows and lips to look gorgeous in front of others during summer which picture perfects you.


How to achieve perfect eyebrow?

It is very difficult to achieve perfect eyebrow so in order to do that we have to apply colours in backwards which helps to fills the gaps between the hairs also gives perfect finish to eyebrows.


Tips to get attractive Eye lashes

Eye lashes gives attractiveness to the face so make them more attractive by the tips given by Amanda Bell.

  • First of all we have to apply colours on the upper lashes from above by giving rolling motion to the brush once the mascara was applied leave it for 10 seconds.
  • After that zigzag the brushes from below and push the fingers up against the lashes to get an attractive eye lashes.


Tricks to get out dry lips during summer

During summer occasion many of us will not get an attractive looks due to the dry lips Amanda bell gives a tricks to solve this problem. We have to take highlight encoder apply little bit swipe it  in the upper lip after that take lip brush and apply it to get an attractive upper layer.


The above tips help the women to be an attractive person in their colleagues during the summer occasion and also help them to setup a long lasting makeup.