Instruction and guidelines on hair care for women

Hair maintenance should be done on time to have a healthy hair; this is a very simple process and can be done at home itself. If in case you don’t have time and your hair is damaged already then you can very well get the help of a good parlour or get in touch with a dermatologist and get their guidelines.


Hairs should be washed once or twice a week; doing it on daily basis will make it dry and it will break away. The hair should not be dry you have maintain the moisture of the same. In the same way the scalp should also have moisture otherwise you will have heavy hair fall. You can apply moisturisers on your hair after every wash; make sure you apply moisturisers all over the hair and particularly on the tips because it is the tip that gets damaged early. Always use mild shampoo on the hairs, make sure your shampoo has no sulphates and also parabens in it. Use less shampoo and try to get maximum lather of it, buy doing so you are massaging your hairs and also making the shampoo thin. Wash off the lather well if there is any leftover it will lead to dandruff. After a wash if you prefer you can apply a moisturiser or just leave it to dry. Avoid using dryer, if you have time dry the hairs naturally, because the heat from the dryer will damage the hairs. Natural way of drying will assist the scalp to give out new hairs. Choose shampoo and moisturisers that match your hair types, market have enormous types that match each hair type. If you have dry hair then go in for shampoo that has collagen and glycerine it will help to moisture the hairs.


Homemade products for conditioning

Instead of trying market products for conditioning the hairs you can try few home products like vinegar, different kind of oils, eggs and multani matti these will nurture your hairs and keep it in condition. Always brush your hairs with wide toothed comb after wash, regular and often brushing your hairs stimulates the hair follicles to promote growth but don’t overdo the same. It is always wise to trim the splits at the bottom of the hairs; if you trim the splits it will save your hairs from further damage. Once you are done with it, try to moisture the tips on regular basis. If you wish to do styles on your hairs, try doing it with hands, avoid tools that will generate heat, because heat will damage the hairs of sure. Dyeing and treating hairs with colours are sure to damage hairs, but make sure to give breaks on doing so for the hair to get back to its original state; by doing so you will have less damage. Diet and exercise are very important for healthy hairs, make sure you are not stressed out hair fall is the first symptom if your body is stressed.