Is your wedding is coming near and are you planning to choose your makeup artist and Here come fall wedding makeup for you

Now a day’s people moved from traditional wedding pattern to fashion wedding pattern. Olden day’s people prefer traditional wedding because they love traditional style of wedding. In olden days they will not concentrate on makeup but presently they prefer the makeup the most on their wedding. While the wedding date is nearing the bride and groom need to concentrate on many things like purchasing jewels, purchasing dresses, taking photos and mainly they consider makeup. Bride and groom they need their makeup to look rich on their day. In order to look rich on your wedding here is there some of the tips on your fall wedding.


Step by step makeup tips on your fall wedding:

Before applying foundation cream on your face you must need to apply strobe liquid on your face. After applying the strobe liquid leave it to dry. This process makes your skin to look soft and smooth. The next process is to apply the foundation cream on your face. While applying the foundation you must check that color is similar to your face color. If your foundation color is looks similar to your skin tune then you can apply that color.

Initially start applying the cream from the middle of your face. After applying on your face take a dry brush and massage all over your face.

Secondly, if you have dark circle under your eye then you apply concealer. Similarly if you have blemish on your face also you can apply this one. This helps to cover up the redness on your face. If you are not applying the concealer then your redness would be shown on your face.

Then apply the powder that match similar to your foundation .Massage fully throughout your face using the brush.


Eye makeup:

Make up must be done perfectly whether they are black, white, and fat or thin the makeup must fit on their face perfectly. Wrong makeup may spoil their wedding forever. Next step is to apply eye makeup. The eye shadow color you can prefer brown, olive green and also plum. Mostly dark eye shadows look awesome for your makeup. Then apply shinning eye colors on your face. Shinning may gain exactly perfect look for your face.

Then apply the Water proof mascara on your eye. Put double coat for your eye. Initially apply light color eye shadow on your eye .Then start to apply dark color eye shadow gently on your eye.

It is important to note if you use false eye shadow, eye liner or water proof mascara everything must be best in quality wise.


Lip makeup:

Initially apply some powder on your lips. Then apply light color first on your lips then apply dark color to your lips .After that start applying lip gloss on your lips to look awesome.

It is important to note if you use lip liner, lip stick and lip gloss everything must be best in quality wise.