It is easy to bring a sexy smoky eye look

People those who are very much interested in doing makeup will pay very much attention to their important facial features and highlight them in an impressive manner. In that way, creating smoky eye makeup is currently trending among the women and everyone has started to do that. Generally women will go to beauty centres and do this eye makeup but they can simply do it on their own at home. If they are having the needed accessories then it will be very easy for them to create a smoky eye.


If a woman does not know about how to create the smoky eye look, she can easily get the ideas from the plenty of online sources. Many websites are giving tips to the women who are interested in doing smoky eye makeup. Therefore they can visit such sites and get to know about the ways though which their eye can be decorated. Even in many sites, there will be video tutorials and those stuffs will be very helpful for the people since it gives them the practical demonstration. When they are watching those videos they can easily know the proper way to bring the smoky eye look.


The smoky eye can be created by following certain methods. If the woman have idea about that they she can easily make it. First of all, the person has to ensure that there are not dark spots or black marks in the eye lids. She has to prepare her eyelids by applying primer and using concealer. This will cover the spots which can affect the look of the eyes. As the next step, she has to use eyeliner on the upper water line. This is mainly performed to give an impressive look to the eye and it will highlight the shape of the eyelid.


Once it is done, she can give shadows to her eye and it can be given by using eye shadow brush. While giving shadows she has to choose a colour according to her skin tone. Women who are having bright skin colour will prefer colours like black, grey and even blue. Meanwhile those who are having dark complexion will use bright colour like white or light grey. These colours will highlight their eyes even if they are dark in colour. Once after shadowing the eyelids, the eye crease has to be concentrated. The person should give shadow to that also so that it will give a smoky look above the eye.


The shadows in the eyelid and eye crease have to be blended and after that the upper eye line must be highlighted with eyeliner. This will mix the colours and give an even and natural look to the eyelids and eye crease. Now all those colours have to be blended with each other and finally she can apply two coats mascara to the eyelashes. This will give a dark colour to the eyelashes and enhance its look. Now she can get the smoky eye look simply on her own.