Rush with the brush and be beautiful within ten minutes

Rush with the brush and be beautiful within ten minutes

All the women are busy with their works and are not concentrating in their health and beauty. Even there are women who have the intension to do make ups but they don’t do make ups because of their lack of time. All these reduce the self confidence in the women greatly. Beauty is one of the important self confidences for every woman as they give much support in the society. If this beauty is not maintained properly it causes great effective both mentally and physically. These draw backs are found in most of the woman who often do their works and so for all these women, here is the best tips which will make the women more beautiful within ten minutes. Doing make up is an art and this art is very difficult to capture by every people. Here are some few steps which help to do make ups within ten minutes. Read the bellow lines and follow it every day to be a very beautiful women in the society.


Ten steps to be followed    

The very first step to start the make ups are to make the face wet with cool water. It is because they really help to fit the make up to the skin easily. It also protects the make up for at least ten hour. Hence it is very important to make the skin wet with the cooled water before starting to do make ups. This method is termed ad hydration also and this fully deals with the moisturizing concept. After moisturizing the skin use a good brush to scrub the skin from bottom to top. It is done to open the pores in the skin. By opening the pores, the skin releases the unwanted oils from the skin.


Then next will be the application of the cream which will be the most suitable for the skin. Search for the bets cream which may suit the skin and if it is a moisturizing cream it will be very better for the women doing makeup. Thus apply the moisturizing cream and then the next step which is followed in this will be the makeup done to the eye brows and the eye lash. It is because eye is the important part of the face. Making the eye attractive with the shadows and other elements which may suit the eyes will be better for everyone to be beautiful. So make the eye attractive with eyebrow pencils and eye shadows. The color of choosing the eye shadow is also very important. It should match the dress which is worn by the person.


The next step will be the application of the foundation powders to the skin and it is because application of the foundation powder will elevate the make ups which are done previously. After this the next will area to be concentrated is the cheeks and it can be made beautiful with the combination of cream and powder. This will make the cheeks more attractive and beautiful. Then finally concentrate on the lips by adding jells which will match the lips and take a brush to scrub the lips. A very effective makeup is done effectively within few steps and within ten minutes. Enjoy the day with more self confidence and be beautiful always.