Stun the People with Catchy Eyes

Eyes are the most beautiful one which attracts others first and especially girls have catchy eyes. In olden days people do not take care much about the beauty of eyes but now a day people shows extra care for their eyes. For that they use cosmetics and other herbal products to make eyes sizzle. According to the various seasons and weather conditions people have to use the makeup kits because one foundation will not work for people all year around. So people should change the shades according the seasons. Beauticians prefers some cosmetics for summer seasons because of over hot weather our skin surface becomes dry and moisture condition will be at low level which keeps our skin dull. Mostly girls prefer cosmetics to beautify their face and give importance to their eyes. For that people uses the SPF moisturiser which covers the skin from the sun light. Then the mineral concealer powder is used to apply in faces of dark circle formed below the eyes. The cream shadows are used to apply on the eye lids which keep our eyes cool and fresh. This can be applied by the small brushes or by fingers. The cream colour will be very to apply one the eye lids which will be available in few colours which suits the skin tones. Then the liquid shadows are used to apply on the bottom of the lash lines in eye lids which are applied by the small brush and later by fingers. These creams are the water proof one. The mascara eye liners are the mostly used cosmetics by the girls. This can be applied on the bottom lashes of the eye lids.


Makeup tips:

Applying the mascara of one coat will give you some added oomph, because two coat of mascara is not needed in summer. Don’t do mascara touch up all the day because this will lead to cakey and clumpy look which will not attractive to everyone. Wearing the eye liner will make your eyes fresh but by applying more won’t do you any favour. Before using the cosmetics test your skin to choose the shades because most of the people’s skins suits for the natural shades. If people have dark brown eyes then try any colour of eye shadows. Experiment with colours until you find your favourite look. Try a dark shadow on the lids and a light on to highlight your eyes. During summer, use lighter colours to makeup which will make creasing less noticeable and run less. Use the brush to apply the creams because it will help you to apply gently and smoothly over the eye lids.


The ingredients used to prepare mascara eyeliners are special one and with some flavours it is prepared. In every cosmetic product there will be an instructions and steps that to be followed while doing makeup. Thus with the mascara eyeliners girl’s eyes looks catchy and these are the makeup tips to achieve the flawless foundation finish.