The protection layer skin of our body should get protected

Our skin is an important part in our human body, that the skin is protecting our inner parts of our body from the damages. So this skin should be a healthy one, otherwise it may cause various problems to our skin as well as our inner parts. So a complete care should be taken to our skin. There are many ways are available to protect our skin like by the natural way and by the medicines, creams, and simply we can follow some tips from the expert dermatologist.


Here are the some simple steps to protect our skin from the outside damages like the sun damages, winter season damages as well as the ageing problems.  The cosmetic dermatologist suggest us some tips to look good and keep out skin healthy. That are, they suggest some four ingredients which help you prevent your skin from the sun damages and the ageing problems. Those four ingredients are antioxidants, retinoid, hydroxyl acids and the sun protection. If you use these chemical you will get a healthy skin. The first ingredient antioxidant helps your skin from the sun damages, that it is having the vitamin c which help the skin to remove the sun damages. This will protect your skin from the damages of the metabolic process and the sun exposures. The next retinoid is help you to have a healthy layer of the skin, for this the cream called retinol facial treatment will help you to get a healthy skin, thus this cream is rich with the multi vitamin. The melanin which is actually gives colour to your skin.


Hence it will care the control of the protection of the melanin of your body. You should keep this in your mind while applying this cream in your body that you should apply a thin layer on your skin. Next is the hydroxyl acid, the cream Neutrogena is having an alpha beta hydroxyl formula which is very much similar to the retinoid. The last one is the sun protection which is very much important for all. Thus the sun heat will cause many damages to our skin. Out skin tone may get change because of the sun damages. To prevent our skin from this serious problem of the sun damages we have to apply the sun screen lotion to our skin. So it is must to apply the sun protection lotion to our whole body especially to our hands, legs as well the face. Everyone should keep in mind that you should apply this sun screen lotion by every two hours, and often apply this on your skin while you going out on the summer season.


Eventually, our skin should be protected, because there may arise many problems of the damaged skin. Everyone should aware of these creams, and keeping on do this protection will never cause any problems to your skin. Hence sun is the greatest enemy of our skin we have to protect our skin from this enemy. The best way of protecting our skin is simply following these treatment or the tips of the expert cosmetic dermatologist