Tips to maintain a Professional look

People these days are very busy that they expose to hot sun most of the time since they travel from place to place. This affects the fairness of the face which makes the face look so dull after some time. No need to worry about this anymore, here are some professional make up tips which will helps to keep your face and skin looking fresh for a very long time and protects it from skin tans and other factors. This video will give you a clear explanation about the procedures to be followed and the things to be done in order to protect your skin in a proper way.


Initially start with the face and choose the correct foundation to be used for making the skin to match its paleness. Couple of drops containing gel bronzer should be added for getting little amount of sun. This helps to increase the durability of foundation and can achieve the perfect shade using less quantity. There is another way to maintain the freshness that is misting the face with the help of a toner and a pad. It should be dried with a soft facial tissue. Finally dust some amount of powder on the makeup which is done in order to attain a smooth finish.

Once the perfect shade has been obtained, it should be maintained throughout the day which is possible by using a gentle lip exfoliator. It is a big deal for investing a huge amount for buying such products. Instead, it can be prepared with the help of the ingredients that are available at Kitchen such as Brown sugar, Olive oil, vanilla extract etc. Mix all these ingredients together and massage on the lips gently for some time and remove it with the help of a soft facial tissue. It is the most easy and simplest way of removing the remaining parts from the products. It is completely protected and can be exposed outside without the fear of losing the makeup.


There is another way to protect the lipstick by dusting a tissue with powder and applying over it which helps to maintain the colour for a longer period. It is also possible to make tint for eyelashes just by dipping the mascara and placing inside the tube. The excess of it should be removed and then swiped over the lashes so that a glossy look can be obtained without going to the parlour and spending money. Once everything is done, the complete protection for the skin is made and can be exposed anywhere without any fear of getting dull skin.

When the makeup is to be removed from the face, it can be done without using any costly makeup removing products. Instead, it can be done by dipping a soft Facial tissue inside a jar that contains petroleum jelly and just wiping it away from the eyes which is a very simple and easymethod and also it acts as a moisturiser for your skin.


Thus the Professional makeup tips can be very helpful for protecting the makeup for a very long time and also helps you to maintain a professional look everyday with low cost.