Treat acne simply with natural home remedies

It is obvious that everyone will be curious about maintaining a beautiful appearance. But most of them will be suffered with acne and other similar problems. To avoid such things, people use to prefer some artificial stuff but before using that they must ensure whether it will give them the results. Also they have to make sure that the product is suitable for the person’s skin. Otherwise they may have to deal with many other issues. Instead of taking risk by trying such things, people can simply prefer the natural home remedies to get rid of acne without any side effects.


Generally acne occurs to everyone in any age group but particularly those who are in the teen age will suffer a lot. Acne can be occurred due to various reasons such as unhealthy diets, hectic life routine, and sleep deprivation etc. It generally forms in the face, scalp, back and chest of the person. If the severity of acne is mild, then it can be simply treated with home remedies. However if the person is suffering too much with acne then it is recommended to have a medical attention to it. The following are the best home remedies for the acne treatment and people can easily try those things to avoid this problem.


Lemon juice:

This is one of the most common and simple natural remedy to treat the acne problem. The lemon has many acidic properties and it will be very effective to cure acne easily. Those who are having this issue can simply slice the lemon and rub it over their face. In that way, they can apply the juice and they have to leave it for few hours as they wish. Once it gets dry, they can wash it with warm water. By repeating this process, they can get relief from the acne.  For better effects, they can also mix equal amount of rose water with it.


Orange Peel:

Orange is also a better remedy for the acne problem and people can use it for the treatment. They have to remove the orange peel separately and then they have to expose it to the sunlight. Once it is dried, they can grind it to powder and add some amount of water to it. They can apply the paste on the affected area and wash it after 10 to 20 minutes of time.



Neem is known for its anti microbial and anti septic properties therefore it can be a better solution for the acne treatment. To prepare the remedy, people need to take tender neem leaves and they have to grind it to a paste. Then they can add turmeric powder to the paste. After the preparation they can apply the paste on the affected area and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Once it gets dried, they can wash it with warm water. This will be very effective not only in the acne treatment but also in many skin related issues. Therefore people can use it for those problems also.