What makes it important to use fall makeup?

Every woman loves to look more attractive and beautiful everyday. Especially the aged people like to show their face as ageless. So they were looking for the current trends and adapts to it. In order to look the women’s more attractive the fall makeup is introduced .It is one type of makeup which was done in the summer season. Because during the summer season, the skin will start tanning were the temperatures will vary from other seasons.


To bring out the skin more radiant they were using a neutrogen product called oil free acne face wash. This acne face wash is one type of anti fighting cleanser which is preferred by dermatologists. It is having oil free formula which can be applied dense into the face to get a clear skin .As salicylic acid is used which removes the acnes and keeps our face free from oil. It reduces breakouts in our face.



It is one of the honey treatments which keep the face in dry condition in order to avoid pimples or acnes in our face. It can be applied to face using cotton snab which is dipped into the bottom of the bottle. And then apply the Mario Badescu lotion on the whiteheads .Then allow the lotion in the face until it gets dried and wash the face in the morning.There are many flavours in Mario badescu like cucumber, drying mask, oil moisturizer and buffering lotion .The ingredients used in this Mario badescu are salicylic acid, calamine and some drying ingredients which keeps the face dry. This product adapts to any skin types and it does not lead to side effects like itching.


Coverage and Foundation

To get a more richer and polished look a spray foundation is used .Before using the spray foundation there are certain rules to be followed that it should be shaked well before use and spray little amount of lotion to hand then apply to the face by using sponge .one of the interesting facts about the sprayer is that it gives nice, clean and even coverage to the face .The next step is to get ready for fall is cover the cheeks by using concealer. The concealer is used as a mask in the face for the dark circles, large pores and a small blemishes .The main reason why concealer were used because it hides the pigments in the face and it balances the imperfection of skin tone. The concealer has different types of shades which range from longest to deepest. While choosing a concealer one must need to consider about the shades which matches with the skin tone by hiding the dark circles and pores. There are different shading combinations for different types of skin tones. The yellow color is used for hiding the dark circles in the face. For  the red patches in the face, green and blue colors is used which contrasts the color with the pimples and broken viens.To have a bright face a purple tinted concealer is used .To match the color with skin tone a skin colored concealer which is used to hide the marks.