Why girls mostly prefer bun hairstyle?

Hair style which means arranging and cutting the hair on a human scalp in a different way to give a stylish look especially for women. There are different types of hair style for boys and girls. One of the different types of hairstyle is bun hairstyle which is worn by both men and women. The bun hairstyle is one of the traditional hair style followed by women’s in early 20th century. The bun hair style is done by pulling back the hair from the face then plaited and need to wrap into a circular coil around on the back of the neck or head. To make the hair stiffer and feel comfortable bobby pins, hairnet or barrette is used and the hair is again wrapped into a piece called Rat. By wearing the bobby pins one may look the bun hairstyle in formal manner. The bun hairstyle became famous for the female professors which simplifies their lecture profession.


How to make a bun hair style?

Initially the hair is segmented like a straight line and divides the hair at the back of the ear into two sections on both sides. The hair which is sectioned is hold by a bobby pin at the back of ears like a v-shaped structure. The remaining hair is folded and makes them as a pony tail. Then a small amount of piggy tail is taken from the remaining hair and fold the hair on both suctions .Then the hair sprayer is used to control the Incoming air inside the hair which may give a perfect bun hair style. By using the hair sprayer we can make any hair style into a specific form. The Hair spray gives two types of look according to the user convenient whether the user wants to show the hair in a dry or wet condition. The ingredients used in hair sprayer are alcohol and polymer which keeps hair flexible and fast drying which makes hair shafted together. Using this hair spray we can make the hair into different styles. The only thing is the hair spray should is sprayed more than a normal sprayer. Those who are having an oily hair can hide using the hair spray. To keep the hair away from the skin first we have to pull fresh washed fringes into the round brush and then apply the hair spray.


Various types of bun hairstyles

The various types of bun hairstyle are double bun, fabric bun, simple don nut bun and waterfall branch bun. The requirements of the double bun hairstyles are two bobby pins and two hair ties. First the hair should be free from tangles and then divide the head on both sides into two sections. Then make a pony tail of the first section on one side of your head. The same thing can be done on another side. Then take some of the piggy tails and tease them out. Then the hair spray is sprayed over the piggy tails and holds the end of the hair and try to twist forward .Then using the bobby pins pin at the end. Then to make a bun to specific shape squeeze it. Finally the double bun hair style is made.