You want your nails wants to look unique here comes a technique called french manicure

French manicure provides a Nile cleaning style. Initially the French manicure was introduced in the year 1800.Then these art was latter used by the movie stars for their film. In 1920 the film stars started to use French manicure .As the population increases day by day the French manicure are also increased. In olden days there was no nail art facility but now everything had been changed. Presently there are no brides without doing French manicure.


Tips for doing French manicure:

Initially before doing French manicure you need to wash your hands cleanly. Then you must sure that there no dirt’s present inside your nails. The next step is to shape your nail using the nail shaper .Important to note that your entire nail is in same shape and same size. Then remove your extra skins that are grown near your nail.

After that apply the pink coat which look similar to your face color. While applying that pink color you must make sure that the pink coal are evenly spread over your nails. None of the coat layer came out means remove that using the remover.

The next step is to apply the white layer on the tip of your nail. This layer also you must make sure that these are evenly spread over the nails. These white tips are same in size and also need to see that every white strip you applied on your nails must be same. It is important to consider that too much white tips also need not to be applied and too light also should not to be applied on your tip of your nail. Medium color of the white tips must be spread over the tip of the nail evenly.

Finally you must need to apply the top coat in order to make your nail shine and make your nail to look unique.


Things needed to prefer while doing manicure:

Initially while cutting your nails you must be care full while cutting. After cutting also you must be sure that your nails are even in size.

Then after removing the nail polish also you must be sure that your nails are completely clean. You can apply crystal file over your nail. It is needed to note that it must be start applying from the edge of the nail and ii should not start from the middle or from the back or forth.

There may be thin skin surrounding your nail.  In order to make that soft you may dip your finger inside the warm soppy water or you may use gel for the skin in order to make that soft. Use wooden stick to shape your thin skin.


While applying opaque white layer you must sit in a comfortable manner. Without any shaking you must draw correctly the white shade. The white shade must start from the edge of the nail only.
You must use only the branded nail polish and nail remover. After the white shade is dried fully then only you must apply the preferred nail color for your nail. To get a best result of French manicure you need to apply a top coat evenly over your nail.